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I've always been here.
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It didn't affect me very much - I was living in Preston, several hundred miles from "that London".

Various small parts of it crossed my periphery, someone at a LRP event I was doing First Aid cover at was still feeling the side effects of blast, people were checking in on LJ to say they were ok, signs on the motorway network warning of disruption. Little bits.

A few weeks later, a failed attempt and a constant stream of text updates while I was working a fitup, removed from other sources of information.

[ profile] ephrael reminds me of a comment that [ profile] kol made at the time; but she tells it better (so she can tell it tomorrow).

Someone made this userpic though, and it was bloody brilliant. And it's still bloody brilliant. The credits on it say "[ profile] gizmometer via [ profile] sparkindarkness" so they ought to get the credit. Thanks.


Mar. 6th, 2011 11:42 pm
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Hey lazywebs peoples.

I'm having either google-fu fail, or looking in the wrong place.

Does anyone know a Motorway Service station with a Burger King that's open 24 hrs, possibly on the M6?

It's odd what one discusses in the middle of the night, driving a truck home from London, and this was a topic.
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I have a message from Firecat Masequerade: )
If you can help, please contact them as listed in the message. I've done these sessions with them - it's great fun as well as being a good cause.


Nov. 17th, 2010 05:09 pm
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x-posted to facebook:

Does anyone I can easily borrow it from have a "super powerful" torch I can use next weekend - the sort advertised as being in the millions of candela?

I have a place on a trip exploring a particularly interesting set of tunnels, and I could do with a big light source.

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Depending on where you live, either today or yesterday is/was National Coming Out Day.

Last year I wrote this, and I still stand by it.

In addition, (and as at the time) I also identify as Queer, Pansexual and Polyamorous - for the sake of brevity I left this off last year. There's other stuff too, but let's keep this simple.

In the last year I've seen several friends come out, as all sots of letters of the alphabet. But you know what - there are still people being bullied over this. There are kids committing suicide because their friends and family don't get that they are still people. Parents being sniffy at their offspring getting married.

This years there's a lot of focus on the It Gets Better Project. Fronted by Dan Savage (the columnist behind Savage Love, and the words pegging and santorum in a sexual context) the page itself explains why. (link leads to you tube, no auto playing)

Also: MY FRIENDS ARE AWESOME. It was because I had good friends at the time that I spent little time in the closet, and it's because my friends are awesome that I can easily and freely discuss my sexuality when it comes up in conversation.
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People have asked about Roller Derby, and keep telling me they want to come and see a bout.

We have bouts coming up )
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On Sunday 10th October - RCRG Circus of Sin (intraleague): Adults £5, under 16s free.
On Saturday 30th October - "Jam it Janet", double header RCRG A vs Glasgow & RCRG B vs Bedfordshire: Adults £7, Conc. £5, U10s free.

Promo deal - buy an adult ticket for both events for just £10.

Tickets can be bought online for Jam it Janet, with extra booking fee, but only from your friendly local rollergirls and league supporters for Circus of Sin.
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For those people who expressed an interest in seeing some roller derby this weekend in Leeds - Rainy City (Manchester) will be playing against Leeds, Sunday afternoon at the University Sports Centre, tickets can be obtained from for £6 per head (under 10s are free).

Doors at 2pm, First whistle at 3pm.
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Firstly, I'd rather people didn't repost stuff between my LJ and there - and there are some filters wherein the discussion is contained to that entry. If you're on those filters, you know about it and understand why.

Secondly, if you'd like remove the option to repost stuff from LJ, it is possible to partially do it through CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - the code to do so appears to be:

.b-repost-item, #repost_twitter, #repost_facebook{display:none;}

and the place to put it is in the Custom Stylesheet box at

(with noted thanks to a more experienced user I randomly met)
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The following is copied from [ profile] flannelcat, as a public service announcement.

"Firecat Masquerade help run an IDP / Refugee camp at a training simulation for international aid workers, in Wellingborough (Northants).

On September 7th and 8th we have the first of our double training sessions, with a Road Traffic Casualty Simulation on Tuesday 7th and an IDP / Refugee Camp simulation on the Wednesday. We urgently need participants for next Wednesday (8th Sept).

I am urgently looking for 2 people for the Casualty Sim and 3 people for the IDP Camp. If you would like to camp overnight on site (a lovely, picturesque piece of Northampton countryside) that will be possible, and there is a pub doing decent meals only a 20 min walk away from site.

It's helpful if you can act or roleplay, but not neccessary. Participants should be able to take clear direction, however, and be prepared for long periods of waiting between scenes. The scenes we are simulating will involve gunfire, potential hostage-taking and simulated violence.

You would need to be able to get to Wellingborough (near Northampton) for the morning of Wednesday 8th Sept. Various people are coming from various places, so we might be able to organise lifts.

While we are unfortuantely unable to pay people much, there is some scope for paying reasonable small expenses and beermoney. Those who have worked on RedR's Personal Security in Emergency courses will be able to tell you that a) it's a LOT of fun and b) you would be helping charities and NGO's prepare for potentially life-threatening situations in the field.

We can offer:

- Eternal gratitude
- A fun day out with lunch provided
- £20 payment for the days work and then up to £20 expenses to cover your costs
- A possible lift, dependant on location.

Is anyone able to help us out with this?"

If you would like to help us out with this, or if you would like to be added to the Mailing List for future simulations, please email us at

== ends ==
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Those of you in Leeds, or able to get there on a Saturday:

This is for you )
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It was awesome. I had a fantastic time, in a field.

Matt P put it best in the post-event meeting. "First Aid - I have never seen them look so happy pulling injured people out of a fight".

Being on the Arena Team was amongst one of the best LRP weekends I've had in a long time, and certainly for working it as well.

It was a delight to work with so many awesome people - [ profile] freddiefraggles getting as dragged into it as I did; [ profile] oldnick & [ profile] shazrasha at either end; alongside [ profile] obsidian_sphinx; Chalkie, Jam, Keiron, Wookie and of course H as my King.

The brief from [ profile] pax_draconis was wonderful in all its simplicity - to play a raised member of a dead nation, serving as a punishment was fantastic. I'd do it again tomorrow, even though my legs hurt from skate practice tonight.

I can't list everyone else who was there and made Odyssey so great - I'll only forget someone. But you were all awesome. I enjoyed the event so much I almost feel bad about not having to pay to turn up.

But yes, I have some hot roller derby action this weekend (see next post) and to my delight one of the other newbies knows about LRP and had a mate who went (Persian Philosopher) that can't stop frothing either!
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This is of minor / minimal interest to non roller derby people, but posted so I can find the link to pas on more easily.

WFTDA Rules pages

Zebra Huddle web version of rules
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There is some Roller Derby coming up over the next two weekends - in fact there's quite a lot coming up as it's now the right season for it all, but I have a stake in two bouts over the next few weeks.

Firstly: tomorrow (Sat 15 May) - London Rockin' Rollers vs the Manchester Motley Crew (the travel team of the Rainy City Roller Girls), at York Hall, Bethnal Green. Tickets from the LRR website, or if you are lucky, on the door. RCRG are my local team, and this bout against LRR should be very well matched for some excellent Derby action.

Secondly: Next Saturday (Sat 22 May) - London Roller Girls intra-league bout, The Steam Rollers vs The SuffraJets - The LRG are a phenomenal team, the winners of last years European tournament, and have just been to the USA on tour - they're now all back safely (despite the best efforts of a Volcano), and this is a chance to see them at their most competitive - against themselves! Tickets are available on the website, and are VERY likely to sell out so book now!

I'll be at both of them - as an NSO (non-skating-official) for the LRR/RCRG bout, and watching (and helping with the PA) with [ profile] freddiefraggles, who's celebrating her birthday that weekend as well.

There's plenty more Derby coming up as well, The Rainys have just confirmed their bout dates for the rest of the year, and there's plenty of them.
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For those of you I have frothed about Roller Derby to:

The Rainy City Roller Girls have an intra-league bout this weekend, in Bury.

This is a good way to start watching the sport - the Rainys are a relatively new league, and some of the girls bouting this weekend will be doing so for the first time - which keeps the overall speed of the pack down and makes it easier to watch. That said - they won their last bout, and have been doing very well against other leagues recently. Some of their key players were recently seen at the training camp run by the Texas Hustlers (the godmothers of roller derby), and are sure to have picked up some very interesting new things.

[ profile] ephrael, [ profile] freddiefraggles and Dave (WINOLJ) will also be there - and will be happy to sit with you and explain what's going on, it's a very simple sport to get the basics of.

Oh, and it's got a pirate theme.

See you there?
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or: maybe Aviva do want our filthy queer money after all...

The awesome and empowering [ profile] oxfordgirl has received a prompt reply from Aviva's "Head of Media Relations", assuring her (and therefore vicariously, us) that her experience does not represent Aviva's ideals or policies and that a full investigation is under way, with a report to follow.

For the time being, we can probably hold off with the destroying and cleansing fire - there is a possibility that one customer facing call centre asshat is going to be skinned alive in the boardroom this afternoon.

I wouldn't recommend changing any insurance choices yet, but I would suggest being very sure of any terms & conditions as written and not as put forward by a call centre agent that may not be following company policy.
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My good friend [ profile] oxfordgirl has attempted to obtain car insurance, and has run into an interesting problem with it, in short it seems that "Aviva don't want our filthy queer money" (thanks [ profile] marcus_felix for putting up a non-friends locked version).

Side note: was going to use rage icon, decided pride flag more important.

ETA: Hold Fire. [ profile] oxfordgirl has written to a person in charge, and is awaiting conformation/denial of weaselgreasing. More will follow.
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Per my last post, we have now agreed a sale on NeMA, and her new owner will come and collect her tomorrow.

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