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This is my LJ. Apparently it's about me. That's nice.
So, what can I tell you about about redhillian through my bio?

I'm Not Safe For Work, unless you're me and work here. If you're at work, go home to read me.

I'm resolutely childfree, I dislike children with a somewhat worrying intensity and am surgically sterilised (and proven sterile). I'm a pervert who likes to watch (and maybe be watched), I am into BDSM but I'm not a goth - even if many of my friends are.

I'm educated, enlightened and disillusioned. I'm cynical and accepting. I'm [probably] more fun than Alanis Morrissette lyrics. I have wavering political views that I can't be bothered to discuss and I used to be a "wishy-washy, hardline, liberal" when it comes to religion, however once I filled out an official form on which I listed my religion as "Gentile". I can drive but I'm not allowed to. I live thanks to drugs and modern medical science.

I support free choice & freedom of choice, I would have an abortion and this week I like Hot Tea.

I rollerskate (on quads), and for over 5 years I was a Roller Derby referee for the Rainy City Roller Girls in Manchester; then I started playing with the Knights of Oldham instead (while still being an NSO for RCRG).

I can speak American as well as English, but don't test me on my Russian any more - it's long gone. As for French, I can do some basic tourist stuff and read signs, that's what a party translator is for. I may or may not be able to communicate in Norwegian. I can't speak German, but I can sort of read it sometimes.

Of course, I do have a life (of sorts) outside el-jay, it's as bad as my life in it - I'm a roleplayer, a LRPer, a nerd, a geek and a wierdo. I have a library card. I drive. I'm married to ephrael (and have been for a while), I've more lovelies than arms (see also freddiefraggles in the past, and duckbunny continuing into the now). I sometimes do first aid on a professional basis (and I sometimes do it for charity as well). I don't know kung-fu, but I used to be able to get you a good deal on some Fu Dogs ["get 'em while they're lucky, red and dog-shaped"]. I mostly move and set up large sound rigs and big flashing lights for money but I did go through a phase of driving trucks & vans full of shopfittings for a job.

I like the boys, I like the girls and I like those that are neither, both and/or somewhere in betweenpeople. If the date includes us taking our underwear off and going "Oh!, one of those!" then it was probably fun getting there. Also, fuck the binary.

I drink tea and coffee, both white with two sugars. I like sandviches and jaffa cakes. I stared my grim mortality in the face, and stuck googly eyes on it.

You want to know anything more? Try asking, you might get an answer.

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bits and pieces, cock, meh, neem, pussy, string, stuff, things
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