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The following is copied from [ profile] flannelcat, as a public service announcement.

"Firecat Masquerade help run an IDP / Refugee camp at a training simulation for international aid workers, in Wellingborough (Northants).

On September 7th and 8th we have the first of our double training sessions, with a Road Traffic Casualty Simulation on Tuesday 7th and an IDP / Refugee Camp simulation on the Wednesday. We urgently need participants for next Wednesday (8th Sept).

I am urgently looking for 2 people for the Casualty Sim and 3 people for the IDP Camp. If you would like to camp overnight on site (a lovely, picturesque piece of Northampton countryside) that will be possible, and there is a pub doing decent meals only a 20 min walk away from site.

It's helpful if you can act or roleplay, but not neccessary. Participants should be able to take clear direction, however, and be prepared for long periods of waiting between scenes. The scenes we are simulating will involve gunfire, potential hostage-taking and simulated violence.

You would need to be able to get to Wellingborough (near Northampton) for the morning of Wednesday 8th Sept. Various people are coming from various places, so we might be able to organise lifts.

While we are unfortuantely unable to pay people much, there is some scope for paying reasonable small expenses and beermoney. Those who have worked on RedR's Personal Security in Emergency courses will be able to tell you that a) it's a LOT of fun and b) you would be helping charities and NGO's prepare for potentially life-threatening situations in the field.

We can offer:

- Eternal gratitude
- A fun day out with lunch provided
- £20 payment for the days work and then up to £20 expenses to cover your costs
- A possible lift, dependant on location.

Is anyone able to help us out with this?"

If you would like to help us out with this, or if you would like to be added to the Mailing List for future simulations, please email us at

== ends ==
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