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NeMA is for sale.
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Do you like to trace and reproduce art, and claim that it' yours - with no credit to the original artist?

Then a career at Paperchase may be right for you...
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Briefly, what are the key differences between DnD Third Edition, and 3.5?


Dec. 16th, 2009 05:49 pm
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Hey. Is anyone is the Manchester area planning to go and see Reel Big Fish at the Academy on the 22nd January?

[ profile] freddiefraggles is thinking about going, and wonders if anyone else is going.


Dec. 14th, 2009 06:51 pm
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A friend of mine - [ profile] auriol - is conducting some market research - if you've got 30 seconds to spare would you consider submitting a few anonymous answers here?

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Hello. I am back, from Berlin.

It was cold, I didn't crash the truck and I'm glad I don't have to sleep in it again.

Berlin itself was nice - and I'm now thinking about going back there on holiday as I liked the city. I have seen some wall, Checkpoint Charlie (and the amusingly named nearby food outlet "Snackpoint Charlie") and may bits of interesting that I wish to further investigate.

I have decided that truck driving is not the career for me, and I'm not at ease driving a vehicle as big as that, mainly because it's just so damm unwieldy. I'm glad I tried it though, and glad had the chance to try it.

Tomorrow I have to take it back to the ASETS workshop and empty it (half the load was dropped off at a supplier in Herefordshire on the way home), then I take it back to the rental yard and wave goodbye to it.

But first, I sleep.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 07:50 pm
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I have found myself selling NeMA, my much beloved Land Rover.

There are arty pictures taken by [ profile] freddiefraggles at and there will be proper long shots and an eBay link to follow.

Should you wish to make an offer, then please contact me.

Replies to this post are screened.
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I've been out for many years - over twelve by my reckoning, but today I will restate this. I am bisexual.

All over the place, including here in my own friends list there are people who are struggling with telling the truth to their own friends and families. It's difficult. It's always difficult, and it's always going to be.

So today, spare a thought for those people who're scared that they'll be shunned. Scared that people they know will think less of them. Too nervous to tell those close to them how they actually feel. Those are the sorts of issues that people feel, and I hope that by declaring my support for them they'll know that they're not alone, and at some point they might be ale to make their own declaration.

Today, several people I know made a declaration to friends & family to show that they were not hiding themselves, and they have my support.

You don't have to be 'LGB', as I knew it when I came out. Neither do you have to be T, Q, I nor A. Even if you're straight and happy with it you can stand shoulder to shoulder with us and be an ally and a friend.

Today is coming out day, and I'm coming out.
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[ profile] irdm is looking for information on the Euston to Kings Cross area of London - I know some of you can help.
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Further to various bits of publicity and sitting on plinths, the One & Other project is looking towards its' final day & hour now - on Wednesday 14th October the final plinther will ascend in the little green basket at 8am, and an hour later will descend, to leave the plinth itself unoccupied. Less than two and a half thousand people will have been on top of it, including various support and technical staff, the artist and a protester.

I plan to be in Trafalgar Square between 8 and 9am to applaud the last person to take the ride in the JCB, wearing my plinthers' t-shirt (which uncharacteristically for me, is white). If you can be about for Wednesday morning at a fairly sociable time, then why don't you come and join me? Beh' will be there as well, plans for his t-shirt are progressing well...
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Dear [ profile] ash1977law, Please start using lj-cuts.


Thank you.
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Today's my 6th wedding anniversary, and I'm still as totally in love in as soppy a way as I was at 11am on the 30th September, 2003.
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So, Beh' and I went on the Plinth. I read him stories, we had a picnic. At the same time, [ profile] ephrael & [ profile] freddiefraggles had a picnic near the base of the plinth, with Honey, Bear, Knightly, William, T'dih, Bikkit, Elg & Panda.

If you'd like to see me refuse to strip and instead read Mr Tickle to some drunken hecklers, then you can do.

The credits: )

Relatedly, I've discovered that although Virgin Trains are fast, comfortable and run from about half a mile from my house - I prefer the trains run by NXEC, as they're using older rolling stock that I can sit in without my shoulders being squashed against the walls, they have more space in the luggage racks and they have free WiFi on all their trains (Virgin have WiFi on some trains, but it's only free in First Class).
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Right - those of you who're Londoners or thereabouts.

Who's likely to be up and about at 4 to 5 in the morning on a Monday?

I will be. This Monday coming (28th), in Trafalgar Square, on the Fourth Plinth.

Bring teddy bears, bring snacks. I'll bring the stories.

I'd like to see you there.
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A small battery powered amplifier (as used by buskers) for this weekend in London (while I'm on the plinth).

Can anyone out there in LJ land help?

Further: will only need it for a single 1 hour slot - very early on Monday morning. Will be in Peterborough on Saturday, then London on Sunday/Monday if this helps!


Sep. 9th, 2009 11:28 pm
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It's a Maelstrom weekend - I'll see you whenever/wherever, I'll be in a field. Then I'll be at PLASA09

One & Other

Sep. 9th, 2009 01:18 am
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So, as I teased in a pair of posts a while back, I've got a slot on Antony Gormely's One & Other project in Trafalgar square, on September 28 between 4 and 5 am.

My plan is to celebrate the courageous teddy bears that accompany us (well, me certainly) through the small hours of the night, with a suitable treat - a picnic and some stories.

Thanks to the people who've suggested books and stories for me to read - now we need to go through them all and whittle it down to a short list that will fit into the hour nicely! A very special thanks to [ profile] endis_ni for Tea & Teddy Bears, which I'm really looking forward to reading up there.

If you'd like to come and join me, I'd love to have some support and there is a plan to have a picnic on the ground while Beh' & I are 8 metres in the air on a plinth. Hopefully, [ profile] ephrael, [ profile] freddiefraggles, [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage will be there and we'd love to have some more company as even with our loyal bears it'll still be the middle of the sodding night!


Sep. 7th, 2009 01:36 pm
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At the weekend, I went to the stag do of Gareth Hayes, Esq.

Whilst there: something happened )

In other news, I need a full face mask for when I get airsofting again.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 01:34 pm
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I'm after some input for my Plinth Slot for the One & Other project in London.

What are you favourite kids stories?


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