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There are now pictures of the sex coat available, and before [ profile] nattydreadi & [ profile] thewhitespider complain, it's a coat that gets you sex. Morons. Like I'd be that perverted at you. Oh yeah....

Pics under the cut )

Pics posed by Dave (WINOLJ)
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Who wants to buy a sex coat? Who wants to buy my sex-coat?

I have a lovely black PVC trench coat, asymmetrical cut that's lovely in all forms, but I'm now to big for (not just too fat, my shoulders don't fit it). It'd fit someone a bit thinner than me, from 5'11" upwards. Fastens with a combination of poppers & buckles down one side. Looks great worn with NewRocks on. Very goth. Very fetish. Very cyber. Was going to wear it to Riftworld as Gabby, as it was ludicrously stylish and totally impractical but I never got the chance!

'Twas made by the fine artisans of Supernal Clothing, and bought at a market in Birmingham.

I paid a fair bit of cash for it, and it's lovely - worn several times, but always looked after and wiped clean.It's still in excellent condition. I'll try and get some photos of it taken (photo from Supernal's website of one like it [here]. Serious offers only please - I'm offering it up here before it goes on ebay as I like you people, and want to give you first option.

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