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In an effort to share the love, and express thanks to [ profile] reallyfrank, I have here the method by which I am currently eating.

Smoothies, which may in fact be 'Moothies' as they have vastly more milk than fruit in them.

The illustrious [ profile] reallyfrank suggested that I put oats into them, as this constitutes real nutrition, with protein and stuff. And it's got texture as well - and for a person who can't open their mouth more than their index finger, that's a valuable thing. It's great, and I love it.

My current favourite combination is:

1 x medium-large banana, a bit soft
1 x big spoon peanut butter (smooth)
1 x big spoon golden syrup
1 x 50ml scoop rolled/porridge/steel-cut(?) oats
some drinking chocolate powder
some milk

Blend all the above until smooth. Drink. It'l need stirring if you let it stand, and the oats will weld themselves to the glass if you don't wash it up.

It is very tasty.

I'm also surviving on Actimel, to avoid 'intestinal distress' from the antibiotics (thanks to Jules, nurse in the Personality Cult for the hint), and a combination of Paracetamol, Dihydrocodeine and Augmentin with plenty of water, salty mouthwashes and some Chow Mien last night (noodles can be eaten is soft enough evidently, prawn crackers are not nice when sucked and fortune cookie is impossible)

I am hoping that come Friday I can open my mouth a bit, as I have work all day and a gig all evening, and there needs to be eating somewhere along that path - and the traditional KFC that comes with this gig is not particularly amenable to this lifestyle...
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Cut for blah )

That is all.
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So: Happy Birthday yesterday to [ profile] wiserabbit, and today to [ profile] kardrath - I'm sure you're having a lovely pair of days in sickeningl;y romantic style (yeah, like [ profile] ephrael or I can talk).

In other news, Hot Fuzz out tonight. Em & I are planning to go and see it. Thanks to [ profile] ammos & [ profile] walesboy1972 for tea, company and computerage, just need to flex my tech-fu now...

Have had some work - have some more lined up, but still need something offering even more work. Have had grandma-almost-near-health-scare moment, and mother in law panic (which is like gig panic but without the fun), but bonding with father in law hapened 'cos he's cool.

Just sort of marking time now really, and putting pins in maps to see where people are.

That is all.


Dec. 8th, 2006 03:24 am
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Coyote (xLJ) got a new computer at work, as his was out of date for what he does (chief geek). Work requires the old one be disposed of in a 'proper way' to comply with environmental waste regualtions - donation to good cause is acceptable as long as all data is removed. I gain one PC, minus its hard drives.

I have a working hard drive, from when [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage gave us some bits.

Cue fdisking, formatting and installing.

Now I have a working PC, and it seems to be stable. So far......

I might be back!! What did I miss?
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Oh yeah - there's this LJ thing.

Car stopped working the other weekend, neccesitating pulling out of Plan C. Fixed it.
Had work. Need more.

People are getting engaged left right and centre. Congrats to all.

Have agreed to do art meme. If you want art from me, reply. First 5 get something, sometime. Then have to take part in meme.

Probrably going for a picnic this weekend.

Have helped in planning of mothers 60th birthday. More to come. Does anyone know a pub that does live acoustic music on Saturday nights in Birmingham??

That is all. Maybe.


Sep. 11th, 2006 01:21 pm
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Went to frothstrom (as first-aid crew). Saw people. Played on Sunday morning, bought a sword, sold my skills. Took part in the lost-property freecycle scrum. Was given cake, twice. Also a ace coat and a golden apple.

Took [ profile] ash1977law & [ profile] littlebus home, because for some reason it's easier to get a lift to Preston, then a train to Exeter than go direct from Derby. This doesn't surprise me much. It was nice to havce companyt though, and we dropped in on the girls tro shower and have tea on route home - and we missed the M6 pileup, thanks to being tipped off in advance and choosing a diversion carefully.

Incidently, the cake [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage made for my birthday is featured on: Von's journal, along with some piratical bread.

Have some work for a few days as warehouse cover, which is nice.

If they're reading this - would [ profile] batelf or [ profile] wiserabbit please contact me, about Artificer. Contact details are here.

See you all whenever/wherever - Plan C then Riftworld as next scheduled to play!
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May the 8th - 14th is ME Awareness Week, and this year my little sister and her partner ([ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage) are going all out on the biscuits in support of this.

They're making biscuits to be sold and selling biscuit making kits - I helped in the taste test of the biscuit recipies for the kits, and they're all really nice. There's even a pair of biscuit-making meet up parties, one in Crowborough, East Sussex and one in Derby.

There's more information on this post, please have a look and if you think it's interesting, get in touch with them!


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