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NeMA is for sale.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 07:50 pm
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I have found myself selling NeMA, my much beloved Land Rover.

There are arty pictures taken by [ profile] freddiefraggles at and there will be proper long shots and an eBay link to follow.

Should you wish to make an offer, then please contact me.

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So, where were we up to... ah yes.

NeMA is now running. More news on this and other topics: )

And Sarahanne - if you're reading this, comment and say hi. We need to get back in touch - it's been too long. Over 11 years since the end of the course!
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Well, it's after midnight, which means it's birthday time - in particular [ profile] annabellelaw, [ profile] misterspidergod & [ profile] myki are celebrating today along with me.


(Hope you three have more fun than I do - I have to go to work, which this year means driving to Scarborough for the Chuckle Brothers again).

Other news )
That is all.
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Three word meme )

NeMA still running well, work happening of a sort. See you at Tolmers, or will it be Locko Park... That is all....
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I have bought a Land Rover - a 1979 Series III lightweight to be exact. From a bloke on eBay. We (being myself, Dave[xlj] & [ profile] ephrael) went and looked, tested, negotiated and purchased this evening - and we're going to pick it up on Monday after Moot 1 (and staying with [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage).

In a word: WIN!

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