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Sep. 9th, 2009 01:18 am
redhillian: (grin SP)
So, as I teased in a pair of posts a while back, I've got a slot on Antony Gormely's One & Other project in Trafalgar square, on September 28 between 4 and 5 am.

My plan is to celebrate the courageous teddy bears that accompany us (well, me certainly) through the small hours of the night, with a suitable treat - a picnic and some stories.

Thanks to the people who've suggested books and stories for me to read - now we need to go through them all and whittle it down to a short list that will fit into the hour nicely! A very special thanks to [ profile] endis_ni for Tea & Teddy Bears, which I'm really looking forward to reading up there.

If you'd like to come and join me, I'd love to have some support and there is a plan to have a picnic on the ground while Beh' & I are 8 metres in the air on a plinth. Hopefully, [ profile] ephrael, [ profile] freddiefraggles, [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage will be there and we'd love to have some more company as even with our loyal bears it'll still be the middle of the sodding night!

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