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The original message here was written by [ profile] oxfordgirl (happy birthday by the way), and posted by [ profile] flannelcat. The long version is under the cut.

Short version: Maelstrom is good. I can make it be dirt cheap for you. Give it a try! )

Of course, most people on my friends list do Maelstrom, but for the few of you who don't...
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Well, it's after midnight, which means it's birthday time - in particular [ profile] annabellelaw, [ profile] misterspidergod & [ profile] myki are celebrating today along with me.


(Hope you three have more fun than I do - I have to go to work, which this year means driving to Scarborough for the Chuckle Brothers again).

Other news )
That is all.

At last.

Apr. 4th, 2007 11:57 pm
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Right, that's the lot done.

Car packed, boots cleaned, food sorted. Tent loaded, sleeping bags counted, clothes folded. Costume checked, props found, prosthetics painted.

We're ready, and off tommorrow morning, will see some of you at Maelstom, the rest of you... well, that's where we are if you want us. Phones should be switched on and we'll be in First Aid most of the time.

Seeya, and have a fun weekend if you're not at the 'strom.

[ profile] redhillian & [ profile] ephrael.
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Cut for blah )

That is all.


Sep. 11th, 2006 01:21 pm
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Went to frothstrom (as first-aid crew). Saw people. Played on Sunday morning, bought a sword, sold my skills. Took part in the lost-property freecycle scrum. Was given cake, twice. Also a ace coat and a golden apple.

Took [ profile] ash1977law & [ profile] littlebus home, because for some reason it's easier to get a lift to Preston, then a train to Exeter than go direct from Derby. This doesn't surprise me much. It was nice to havce companyt though, and we dropped in on the girls tro shower and have tea on route home - and we missed the M6 pileup, thanks to being tipped off in advance and choosing a diversion carefully.

Incidently, the cake [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage made for my birthday is featured on: Von's journal, along with some piratical bread.

Have some work for a few days as warehouse cover, which is nice.

If they're reading this - would [ profile] batelf or [ profile] wiserabbit please contact me, about Artificer. Contact details are here.

See you all whenever/wherever - Plan C then Riftworld as next scheduled to play!
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There was food, and it was good - we had plenty of people in, including [ profile] ammos, [ profile] walesboy1972, [ profile] reallyfrank, [ profile] vondage, [ profile] ephrael (well, duh). Then we went to the pub, which was also good.

I got several cakes - including a pirate treasure chest full of edible loot ('cos 'm like, 9 or something) from Fran & Von, which was quite fantastic - I'll post a link to pictures once they have them up.

Nothing else happening in life right now - M'froth at weekend, will be onsite from Thursday (in first-aid), may not get a chance to play this time, but I'm not so fussed.

That is all.
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Passing through Derby after [ profile] reallyfrank pressed the big red button.

Still no proper internet access, and none in the forseeable future.

Will be at Maelstrom next weekend.

Phone is still good - if you can't get through to me, try [ profile] ephrael.


Jun. 7th, 2006 06:21 pm
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First Aid course goes well, Strawberry Fair was very enjoyable, BBQ at Rohan's SJA unit was meaty goodness.

Will be at Maelfroth from thursday evening.

My phone now sorted properly, back on my original number.

That is all.
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I'm off to Cambridge for a bit, followed by Maelstrom.

I've got a first aid duty, then a course in Cambs., then it's more first aid work at M'froth.

Consequently, I'm not about for a week and a half (although [ profile] ephrael will be while I'm down south), but I'll have my phone with me - I'm on several numbers at the moment while I'm being transfered over to O2 but I've sucumbed to carrying all the phones at once.

I'll see those of you who LRP at M., and those who don't whenever.

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