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Depending on where you live, either today or yesterday is/was National Coming Out Day.

Last year I wrote this, and I still stand by it.

In addition, (and as at the time) I also identify as Queer, Pansexual and Polyamorous - for the sake of brevity I left this off last year. There's other stuff too, but let's keep this simple.

In the last year I've seen several friends come out, as all sots of letters of the alphabet. But you know what - there are still people being bullied over this. There are kids committing suicide because their friends and family don't get that they are still people. Parents being sniffy at their offspring getting married.

This years there's a lot of focus on the It Gets Better Project. Fronted by Dan Savage (the columnist behind Savage Love, and the words pegging and santorum in a sexual context) the page itself explains why. (link leads to you tube, no auto playing)

Also: MY FRIENDS ARE AWESOME. It was because I had good friends at the time that I spent little time in the closet, and it's because my friends are awesome that I can easily and freely discuss my sexuality when it comes up in conversation.

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