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As some of you may know, [ profile] ephrael is eating less meat - to most intents and purposes this means a vegetarian diet (although bacon sandwiches have been sanctioned as a vegetable). This means that by extension I'm eating more like a veggie as well.

Many of you are veggies, some of you are vegans and plenty of you are excellent, creative and adaptive cooks.

What I'd like from you all* is your favourite thing to eat that's mainly or totally veggie. Even if you're very much on team meatylicious, I suspect you've had something tasty and vegetable based at some point.

If you have/know a recipe, please feel free to add - if not a description will suffice. I'm not a bad cook, and I can improvise pretty well as I'm making stuff, but I want some fresh ideas and lazyweb seems the place to get it.


* Yes, all of you. Even people who think this doesn't apply to them. Even if the account that reads this is a porn-journal I once friended. Even if we've had a similar discussion in a field. Even if you're not quite sure who I am. Even if you're a small toy monkey. Post ideas for vegetables. Or fruit. There are 118 people on my friends list (including small toy monkeys), I'd love to see 118 replies. Thank you.
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In an effort to share the love, and express thanks to [ profile] reallyfrank, I have here the method by which I am currently eating.

Smoothies, which may in fact be 'Moothies' as they have vastly more milk than fruit in them.

The illustrious [ profile] reallyfrank suggested that I put oats into them, as this constitutes real nutrition, with protein and stuff. And it's got texture as well - and for a person who can't open their mouth more than their index finger, that's a valuable thing. It's great, and I love it.

My current favourite combination is:

1 x medium-large banana, a bit soft
1 x big spoon peanut butter (smooth)
1 x big spoon golden syrup
1 x 50ml scoop rolled/porridge/steel-cut(?) oats
some drinking chocolate powder
some milk

Blend all the above until smooth. Drink. It'l need stirring if you let it stand, and the oats will weld themselves to the glass if you don't wash it up.

It is very tasty.

I'm also surviving on Actimel, to avoid 'intestinal distress' from the antibiotics (thanks to Jules, nurse in the Personality Cult for the hint), and a combination of Paracetamol, Dihydrocodeine and Augmentin with plenty of water, salty mouthwashes and some Chow Mien last night (noodles can be eaten is soft enough evidently, prawn crackers are not nice when sucked and fortune cookie is impossible)

I am hoping that come Friday I can open my mouth a bit, as I have work all day and a gig all evening, and there needs to be eating somewhere along that path - and the traditional KFC that comes with this gig is not particularly amenable to this lifestyle...
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There was food, and it was good - we had plenty of people in, including [ profile] ammos, [ profile] walesboy1972, [ profile] reallyfrank, [ profile] vondage, [ profile] ephrael (well, duh). Then we went to the pub, which was also good.

I got several cakes - including a pirate treasure chest full of edible loot ('cos 'm like, 9 or something) from Fran & Von, which was quite fantastic - I'll post a link to pictures once they have them up.

Nothing else happening in life right now - M'froth at weekend, will be onsite from Thursday (in first-aid), may not get a chance to play this time, but I'm not so fussed.

That is all.
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A new meme of sorts has appeared, when the [ profile] childfree community gets trolled (which happens about once a week), the troll gets recipes overwhelming their inbox rather than hatred or giant pictures of tubgirl.

This prompted a sizable group of members to discuss the possibilities of recipe sharing, but without the "I need something for my picky-eater children" comments that apparently a lot of other recipe communities have, so they've created [ profile] childfreefoods, a place which the community profile states is not just for the childfree, but is open to all as long as the principle of the thing is respected.

So far it's looking good and there's a nice selection of recipes going up, I just bneed to find some good ones of my own to add.

If anyone's interested in looking in - there's the links.

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