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Yo, hat dudes.

This weekend, I shall in be London - working at Roll Britannia - the first European Roller Derby Tournament, being held at Earls Court.

Very kindly, [ profile] draxar is putting me up,which is ace as there's no budget on this job for accommodation (or crewing really). I'm possibly meeting up [ profile] velvetiertrout who's at the Comics Con downstairs from us.

Who else is about, and likely to want to meet up at any given point? I'm planning on taking the laptop down with me (as [ profile] ephrael now has her own) so I can tweet, facebook and el-jay to my the utter delight of my blackened heart, thanks to the magic of Wi-Fi in the venue.

I'll also have my phone with me, which is hardly unusual but it does mean you can text me (or you know, call) as well.

If I'm about, I'm about. If I'm busy, I'll be about later?

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Tomorrow (Sunday 22 March), I shall be in Sunderland and the surrounding area, while The Chuckle Brothers perform at the Empire (having delivered a pile of loudspeakers there for this purpose).

I have approximately no money, but an [ profile] ephrael & a van so I plan to do 'stuff' that probably includes going to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and having a packed lunch.

If you're in the area and wish to join us (or us to join you) - call me.
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So, where were we up to... ah yes.

NeMA is now running. More news on this and other topics: )

And Sarahanne - if you're reading this, comment and say hi. We need to get back in touch - it's been too long. Over 11 years since the end of the course!
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Went to Vikings, and crewed. It was good.

Saw [ profile] ajon, [ profile] bacony, [ profile] batelf, [ profile] belisarius_534, [ profile] foul_temptress, [ profile] glove_puppet, [ profile] kingandy, [ profile] kneeshooter, [ profile] littlebus, [ profile] maddam, [ profile] marlwolf, [ profile] mistressp, [ profile] myki, [ profile] nattydreadi, [ profile] richc, [ profile] samharber, [ profile] serpentstar, [ profile] spodula & [ profile] wiserabbit. And others.

Enjoyed it a lot.

Am still seriously looking into contacts*, despite having to get half lenses out of peoples eyes.

*This will of course become looking through contacts...
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Cut for blah )

That is all.

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