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or: maybe Aviva do want our filthy queer money after all...

The awesome and empowering [ profile] oxfordgirl has received a prompt reply from Aviva's "Head of Media Relations", assuring her (and therefore vicariously, us) that her experience does not represent Aviva's ideals or policies and that a full investigation is under way, with a report to follow.

For the time being, we can probably hold off with the destroying and cleansing fire - there is a possibility that one customer facing call centre asshat is going to be skinned alive in the boardroom this afternoon.

I wouldn't recommend changing any insurance choices yet, but I would suggest being very sure of any terms & conditions as written and not as put forward by a call centre agent that may not be following company policy.
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My good friend [ profile] oxfordgirl has attempted to obtain car insurance, and has run into an interesting problem with it, in short it seems that "Aviva don't want our filthy queer money" (thanks [ profile] marcus_felix for putting up a non-friends locked version).

Side note: was going to use rage icon, decided pride flag more important.

ETA: Hold Fire. [ profile] oxfordgirl has written to a person in charge, and is awaiting conformation/denial of weaselgreasing. More will follow.

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