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Yo, hat dudes.

This weekend, I shall in be London - working at Roll Britannia - the first European Roller Derby Tournament, being held at Earls Court.

Very kindly, [ profile] draxar is putting me up,which is ace as there's no budget on this job for accommodation (or crewing really). I'm possibly meeting up [ profile] velvetiertrout who's at the Comics Con downstairs from us.

Who else is about, and likely to want to meet up at any given point? I'm planning on taking the laptop down with me (as [ profile] ephrael now has her own) so I can tweet, facebook and el-jay to my the utter delight of my blackened heart, thanks to the magic of Wi-Fi in the venue.

I'll also have my phone with me, which is hardly unusual but it does mean you can text me (or you know, call) as well.

If I'm about, I'm about. If I'm busy, I'll be about later?

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Tomorrow (Sunday 22 March), I shall be in Sunderland and the surrounding area, while The Chuckle Brothers perform at the Empire (having delivered a pile of loudspeakers there for this purpose).

I have approximately no money, but an [ profile] ephrael & a van so I plan to do 'stuff' that probably includes going to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and having a packed lunch.

If you're in the area and wish to join us (or us to join you) - call me.
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So that's that.

End of the season - I've forgotten just how many weeks of Music! Music! Music!, Liberacé live from Las Vegas, Sootys Izzy Wizzy Holiday Show, Soap Queens (and Kings) and Bring Me Sunshine have gone past, but it's been a few (since the end of May according to my invoices) and tonight we saw the season out in style.

Well, an absolute shed load of sherbet sticks, midget gems and 7up anyway.

Plus some free drinks in the theatre bar for 'all involved' as well, so we called up the various mates we've had in over the season as cover as well, and had a bit of a giggle.

So, let's see what comes next eh?
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I've got a bit ore work - just a day of it, but it came in as very late notice (like, not confirmed until nearly 7pm yesterday), so I had an early night and am now up and moving again

I have to be in Blackpool for 4.30am today - which means leaving here at 3.30am, and off to [a secret location in the North West] - I have to take photo ID with me. I do actually know where I'm off too, and will post about if I can .

It's just a bit of conference - style work, but it's an early start and an interesting location!

Other stuff: NeMA running fine, insurance due for renewal and quotes coming out well. Other work happening, but I wantneed more.

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So, where were we up to... ah yes.

NeMA is now running. More news on this and other topics: )

And Sarahanne - if you're reading this, comment and say hi. We need to get back in touch - it's been too long. Over 11 years since the end of the course!


May. 29th, 2007 11:12 pm
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GEF: busy, hectic, cold, windy. Marquee collapse, hypothermia, unconcious drunks, black-ops auxillury units, overnight shouts. Also friends, ducks and fish. lol! furries.

Saw [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage. Blankets, showers and pesto for the win.

Car dead. Repairman says not worth it. Parents may provide loan to buy battlecar landie. Will keep you posted.

Work tomorrow, going to Sheffield.

Not going to Waypoint, no car to get there. Bum.
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Yo. Not back, but have a chance to catch up.

Hole in face is better, but may become a hole again. Extra holes elsewhere all healed, or still to be cut.

Can anyone tell me who [ profile] pogodragon & [ profile] shr3k are, or may be?? Their LJ profiles aren't great for IDing them. I think [ profile] shr3k may be a random 'add' through the CF forums, but I'm not sure.

As ever, email contact not great at the moment, real contacts as posted, Do Not Take The Piss.

Have work, need more.


Sep. 11th, 2006 01:21 pm
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Went to frothstrom (as first-aid crew). Saw people. Played on Sunday morning, bought a sword, sold my skills. Took part in the lost-property freecycle scrum. Was given cake, twice. Also a ace coat and a golden apple.

Took [ profile] ash1977law & [ profile] littlebus home, because for some reason it's easier to get a lift to Preston, then a train to Exeter than go direct from Derby. This doesn't surprise me much. It was nice to havce companyt though, and we dropped in on the girls tro shower and have tea on route home - and we missed the M6 pileup, thanks to being tipped off in advance and choosing a diversion carefully.

Incidently, the cake [ profile] reallyfrank & [ profile] vondage made for my birthday is featured on: Von's journal, along with some piratical bread.

Have some work for a few days as warehouse cover, which is nice.

If they're reading this - would [ profile] batelf or [ profile] wiserabbit please contact me, about Artificer. Contact details are here.

See you all whenever/wherever - Plan C then Riftworld as next scheduled to play!

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