Aug. 20th, 2010

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It was awesome. I had a fantastic time, in a field.

Matt P put it best in the post-event meeting. "First Aid - I have never seen them look so happy pulling injured people out of a fight".

Being on the Arena Team was amongst one of the best LRP weekends I've had in a long time, and certainly for working it as well.

It was a delight to work with so many awesome people - [ profile] freddiefraggles getting as dragged into it as I did; [ profile] oldnick & [ profile] shazrasha at either end; alongside [ profile] obsidian_sphinx; Chalkie, Jam, Keiron, Wookie and of course H as my King.

The brief from [ profile] pax_draconis was wonderful in all its simplicity - to play a raised member of a dead nation, serving as a punishment was fantastic. I'd do it again tomorrow, even though my legs hurt from skate practice tonight.

I can't list everyone else who was there and made Odyssey so great - I'll only forget someone. But you were all awesome. I enjoyed the event so much I almost feel bad about not having to pay to turn up.

But yes, I have some hot roller derby action this weekend (see next post) and to my delight one of the other newbies knows about LRP and had a mate who went (Persian Philosopher) that can't stop frothing either!
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Those of you in Leeds, or able to get there on a Saturday:

This is for you )

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