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I still need a couple of people for the Firecat simulation for Clarity Security Training next week. Currently looking for one person for the Casualty Simulation Tues day 7th Dec and one person (possibly two, i'm still waiting on someone to confirm) on Wed 8th Dec.

Blurb below with all the details - let me know if you're able to help, or know someone else who might be...

Training aidworkers from a number of major relief and development agencies as part of a training course for humanitarian aid workers, who will be deploying overseas.

If you are interested can you contact l us at firecat.masquerade at gmail dot com

We need 4 people to be Road Traffic Accident victims and 5 people to join our group of IDPs in an emergency camp (Internally Displaced People - what you are before you become a refugee by crossing an international boarder).

The RTA simulation is on the 7th Dec - you would need to be on site by 9am, and would be finished by 2 or 3pm.

The IDP simulation is on 8th Dec - you would need to be on site by 11.30am, and would be finished by 6 or 7pm. There is also a course dinner on this evening, which actors are welcome to attend.

If anyone is up for doing both - i *may* be able to squeeze you into my lovely caravan (i say caravan, its a mobile home type one, with 4 rooms (2 of which are occupied for the course by myself and the lovely C, my co-trainer) , and a living room, and gas heating and i'm rather fond of it!) overnight.

This is an opportunity to be covered in fake blood, test the ingenuity of the participants and generally have a laugh with a great bunch of people in a field.

For those doing the IDP Camp, there is the additional fun of coming under sniper fire and if you are one of the lucky ones, "shot" and "killed".

Anyone who can help us out with this will receive:

Our eternal gratitude
£20 fee for giving up their time and being good sports
Up to £20 for transport costs
Homemade Lunch !

The location is Wellingborough, Northants, so most suitable for those who can either get to the train station by public transport - where we can organise taxi or lifts, or who have wheels!

Please help us, and have fun and get a good charitable glow into the bargain.

Propogation to suitable parties as usual is appreciated!

If you can help, please contact them as listed in the message. I've done these sessions with them - it's great fun as well as being a good cause.
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